Partners in Delivery


Takeda’s commitment to providing quality medicines to Australians extends beyond our expertise in research, development and product support. Ensuring the availability of Takeda products and services for our customers in the most efficient manner requires an integrated approach. Takeda’s operational activities are part of the entire company value stream.

Takeda provides quality medicines and customer service to:

  • Major Pharmaceutical Wholesalers
  • Government bodies
  • Public Hospital
  • Private Hospitals
  • Pharmacy Groups
  • Individual Pharmacies


To ensure that the needs of our customers are met, Takeda has formed alliances with expert logistics partners providing state-of-the-art infrastructure to deliver the speed and flexibility expected by our diverse customer groups. Our capacity to adapt to evolving pharmaceutical delivery channels means we can efficiently service the unique needs of wholesalers, hospitals and varying models of pharmacy.

As we enter the consumer health arena our proven ability to deliver prescription pharmaceuticals across Australia will ensure we meet the needs of Australian community pharmacy. Takeda has a strong global over-the-counter heritage and we are excited by the prospect of pioneering closer partnerships with pharmacies across Australia.


Takeda Pharma