We look forward to bringing you new medicines that offer real promise for Australian Patients


The Takeda Scientific Affairs Department is a focal point for the introduction of our extensive pipeline of innovative new medicines. As an integral part of Takeda’s global research and development network, we ensure that new discoveries generated from our in-house discovery programmes and from our partnerships with biotechs, academia and pharmaceutical companies are made available to Australians.

Our role starts early in the life of our products. As an active partner in Takeda’s global clinical trials program Takeda Australia has undertaken clinical trials involving over 50 Australian trial sites and hundreds of patients across Australia. Our commitment to local clinical partnerships is strong and we are proud that Australian researchers have contributed significantly to the body of scientific evidence supporting Somac® (pantoprazole), Alvesco® (ciclesonide) and Daxas® (roflumilast).

Making new medicines available to Australians extends beyond our quality clinical research. The Scientific Affairs Department ensures that Takeda products meet the highest regulatory standards. Our involvement begins at the initial regulatory submission and continues throughout a product’s lifecycle as we support our marketing teams in attaining the highest standards of ethical marketing and promotion demanded by our industry’s Code of Practice.

The Scientific Affairs Department also provides a comprehensive range of medical services, product information and safety monitoring to ensure that all our products are supported to the highest standards.

The expertise of our department is broad and encompasses more than prescription medications. Scientific Affairs plays an important role in making Takeda’s innovative products more widely available to Australians as they transition from prescription to over-the-counter use. Also, we are actively involved in supporting Takeda’s emerging consumer health business through the registration of new pharmacy-only non-prescription medicines.

Through our valued scientific, medical and business partnerships the Takeda Scientific Affairs department contributes to all phases the product lifecycle and we look forward to bringing you new medicines that offer real promise for Australian patients


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